Membership benefits

SJJL membership benefits are:

* You will receive the Podoprint magazine, which is published four times a year. More information on the Podoprintti magazine tab.

* You will receive a Diabetes Association member magazine with a medical attachment to your home.

* You can participate in open events organized by SJJL at a membership fee, such as the annual Podiatry Days.

* You can participate in trainings and events organized for union members.

* You can use the SJJL ry logo in all your advertising and marketing to increase your professional image and credibility as a healthcare professional.

* You will get the name of your company in the List of Locations on

* You can publish sales announcements on the Announcements tab on the website.

* You can order union gift cards.

* You will make colleague friends and contacts all over the country, and will be able to contribute to the positive development of our industry.

Benefits of active membership

As a member of Tehy, you also get a lot of value for money. You can find the benefits at